“… The new Profi 1cc (.061) has been a big hit. Performance is a huge surprise with significantly better numbers than the competition and 3000 up on the .049 (34,300 rpm) when using the same prop. Appearance and weight is the same as the .049…”

Nuevo Motor PROFI 0.61 Cu.In.

“… The latest version of the .8cc (.049) is here.
Testing in the US shows highest RPM of any .049 to date!
This one is also turning Free Flight size prop at 31,300 rpm.

This engine is running 3000 higher than the competition on the same prop.
But it turns the full bladed props so Free Flight guys are going to be going higher than ever…”

Price for the .049 is currently $145.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
The 1cc price is $155.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Now Turbo plug heads are shipped with these engines as well as the Nelson plug head. It makes for a better looking combustion chamber than the standard Nelson plug setup however performance difference seems nil.

Turbo plugs are available at $5.00 each. The turbo plug is going to give everyone many more heat ranges for the different nitro percentages used in FF, CL and RC.